Wine & Brandy industry information

The South African wine and brandy industry developed the need for a comprehensive, industry-wide strategic exercise that will help it to reach a desirable future state by 2025. This entails a robust and adaptable approach to drive profitability, global competitiveness and sustainability.

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Six main themes, or work streams were identified, which cover key aspects for development.

  • Economic empowerment & development

  • Human resource development & training

  • Knowledge & information development

  • Market development & promotion

  • Social development & upliftment

  • Technology innovation & transfer

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10 projects were identified to address the 6 work streams. These projects were repackaged into four toolbox items and six game changers.

Toolbox: creating an enabling environment for business as usual

  • Implementation plan for learning and development in the wine value chain

  • Price point analysis of supply chain – packaged and bulk

  • Realignment of research & development structure

  • Single South African information portal and search engine

Game changers: changing the wine & brandy industry’s landscape

  • Analysis of market and consumer trends and formalising global trade agenda

  • Wine tourism baseline study and strategy development

  • Brand South Africa local marketing strategy

  • Land reform & transformation plan

  • Technology transfer and innovation strategy for the wine value chain

  • Wine social compact

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